Sarah is a visual artist living and working in Toronto, Canada, rendering the distinctive urban structures of her favourite cities, and the locals that inhabit them. Informed by a love of geometry, her work is an ode to the designers, builders, architects and engineers of the urban environment. Her watercolour and ink paintings explore the relationships between line, light, reflection, and sensory experience. 

Toronto Artist, Sarah Pais

Largely self-taught, she continues to develop her skills by learning from artists in her community. Sarah also paints portraits in oils, imitating the historical techniques of the old masters. Her portraiture works are inspired the people who create community to bring city spaces to life. 

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
Photo by Andrew Williamson (@aswilliamson)

Sarah was the recipient of the Toronto Mayor's Purchase Award (2018), and her work resides in the City of Toronto's permanent collection. (Pictured at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition with Toronto Mayor, John Tory)